I’m sure you’ve seen it before – the pesky notification on your computer or laptop asking if you’re finally ready to update the software. Of course, you’ve pressed remind me later for several months now and are beginning to wonder why it hasn’t taken the hint yet. Well, maybe it’s time to start pressing yes! Read along with this month’s blog to learn why saying yes to a software update is important.


Nobody likes to deal with a computer virus. Not only are they annoying and costly to get rid of, but they can be detrimental to the files you have saved to your computer. If you want your anti-virus system to continue working at maximum capacity, it needs to be updated. When you skip the software update, you’re only allowing for the system to become weaker. After a while, you’re at risk for a virus that is going to leave you wishing you’d just pressed yes.


Accidents happen. Dropping, spilling, or theft can occur at any time, which is why proper backup on your computer is imperative. Without backup, you risk losing your important work, school, or personal files. In order for your backups to completely go through on a regular basis, software updates are essential. Instead of skipping, just hit yes!


Needing to print something quick or downloading a last-minute file is stressful. A slow computer only adds more tension to the situation. If you’re searching for an answer as to why the television show your binging won’t load quick enough, the answer may lie in how frequently you’re updating your software. To continue your binging, just click yes to the update invitation!


Many issues with your computer have to do with how up-to-date your software is. If you got a computer virus that could have been prevented, update your software and have confidence that your files were backed up for good. If you still have questions about why your computer is slow or malfunctioning, check out our website to learn more about your options!