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How to Avoid a Computer Virus

We all fear the day our beloved computer or laptop falls victim to a computer virus. If you’ve gone through the experience before, you know just how terrible it is to hear the news. Countless files are corrupt and only after a pricey repair will know if anything is salvageable. If you’re doing your best to avoid the terrible fate, be sure to continue reading this month’s blog to learn more!


Keeping your computer software up to date is one of the easiest ways to help prevent a virus. While it may be a hassle to download the new software and allow it to install, it will all be worth it in the end. Updated software on your computer is better able to detect newer virus’. If your computer can detect a virus, you will likely be warned before any damage is done!

Back Up

It should go without saying, but backing up your computer is essential; even if you aren’t worried about a virus. When it comes to the world of computers, anything can happen at any time. Backing up your information and documents is a good way to prevent loss in case you do get a virus. 

Antivirus Software

There are plenty of reputable antivirus software programs you can download on your computer to prevent the contraction of a virus. Many programs are even offered at affordable prices; sometimes for free! It is important to do research on the program, however, because sometimes a site will advertise and pose as an antivirus software when in reality it’s a virus. 

Avoid Suspicious Websites

With the above being said, it’s important to really look at the website’s URL address before you click in. Regardless of the website you are visiting, be diligent about what it looks like. If it looks suspicious, it likely is. A safe website will end simply with a .com or .gov or .edu

Scan Email Attachments

Another common way to get a virus is through emails. There are tons of scammers who will impersonate a popular brand or even pose as someone you know. The email will attempt to extract personal and private information from you or ask you to download something or visit a link. Emails like such are getting harder and harder to differentiate between, so it’s important to really investigate. Make sure you always scan attachments to ensure no virus is detectable, and also make sure you give the URL a good look. 


Accidentally downloading a virus onto your beloved computer is never fun. However, accidents happen, and we will be there for you! If you believe a virus has been downloaded onto your computer, be sure to check out National Computer Repair! 

Why You Should Update Your Computer Software

I’m sure you’ve seen it before – the pesky notification on your computer or laptop asking if you’re finally ready to update the software. Of course, you’ve pressed remind me later for several months now and are beginning to wonder why it hasn’t taken the hint yet. Well, maybe it’s time to start pressing yes! Read along with this month’s blog to learn why saying yes to a software update is important.


Nobody likes to deal with a computer virus. Not only are they annoying and costly to get rid of, but they can be detrimental to the files you have saved to your computer. If you want your anti-virus system to continue working at maximum capacity, it needs to be updated. When you skip the software update, you’re only allowing for the system to become weaker. After a while, you’re at risk for a virus that is going to leave you wishing you’d just pressed yes.


Accidents happen. Dropping, spilling, or theft can occur at any time, which is why proper backup on your computer is imperative. Without backup, you risk losing your important work, school, or personal files. In order for your backups to completely go through on a regular basis, software updates are essential. Instead of skipping, just hit yes!


Needing to print something quick or downloading a last-minute file is stressful. A slow computer only adds more tension to the situation. If you’re searching for an answer as to why the television show your binging won’t load quick enough, the answer may lie in how frequently you’re updating your software. To continue your binging, just click yes to the update invitation!


Many issues with your computer have to do with how up-to-date your software is. If you got a computer virus that could have been prevented, update your software and have confidence that your files were backed up for good. If you still have questions about why your computer is slow or malfunctioning, check out our website to learn more about your options!