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How to Pick the Right Laptop for Programming

Finding the best laptop for programming is not an easy task. There are many options now available on the market, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stress out trying to find one. We understand that programming requirements might be different according to the software you will be working on or the programming language you want to work with. In this month’s blog, we will talk about the specifications of different programming computers and laptops you can take into consideration. So, if you’re a freelance programmer or an entrepreneur and are planning to build something revolutionary by coding, check out our guide below.

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Computer or Laptop?

It is clear that if you have to travel and want program anywhere that suits you, you will certainly not invest in a fixed computer. On the other hand, if you plan to invest in a laptop, remember to check that it is equipped with a full number pad because when programming, you often have to type in numbers.

The Screen

To program, it is not necessary to have a screen with a high resolution and optimal quality. A standard, classic screen does the trick. You can therefore choose a modest screen size, especially if you are on a laptop. But if you want to work on a fixed screen, we recommend a screen of at least 22 inches for ease in your work.


A mechanical hard drive (HDD) does the trick for your computer. But it is undeniable that the performance, as well as the fluidity of your system, will be much better on an SSD. This will allow your laptop to be efficient and work fast, no matter your task.

If you have the option of having 2 physical disks on your computer, go for it. But it’s very important to separate the system from your data. If you merge them, chances are you’ll lose your data, and this is the last thing you want.

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Graphics Card

If you want to do 3D programming or design a video game, having a good graphics card is a prerequisite. But for most programming languages, a basic graphics card will do the trick since programming software consumes very few graphic resources.


If you’re ready to get started on your programming journey on a system you’ve built yourself, following the above information will help a great deal. If you need help upgrading your laptop into a programming laptop, come into our computer shop at National Computer Repair and rely on our knowledgeable technicians!

How to Recover Data from a Damaged Hard Drive

Today, many of us use hard drives to conveniently store our personal data. However, seeing a damaged hard drive or losing it can be quite frustrating like a bad nightmare. Nowadays, hard drives are not secure and can be easily damaged. These risks include physical damage, data corruption, or even a virus attack. Not to mention, recovering data from a damaged hard drive depends upon the level of damage to the device. If you’re attempting to recover your lost data from a damaged hard drive, then here are some useful steps that you can follow.

1. Connect the dead hard drive to your system.

If the hard drive is already in your system, you can just skip this step. However, if it is an external hard drive, you need to connect it to your PC via a SATA cable. SATA cables can be found online at your local hardware store. Connect one end of the cable to the hard drive and the other one to the computer. You can also invest in a USB cradle if you are a laptop owner. All you have to do is slip the hard drive into the cradle and connect it to your laptop.

2. Check for any damage.

Now that you are all hooked up into the system, you can inspect your hard drive for the damages. The hard drive might show up on your computer or laptop as an external storage device. Copy the data onto your system as a backup.

However, a lot of times, things aren’t so simple and you may be unable to import the data into your system. Or even worse, your computer does not recognize the data on the connected hard drive. If you find yourself in this situation, move onto the next step.

3. Download a data recovery software.

If all else above has failed, you can also look into a new way of recovering data from your dead hard drive. There are many free and paid data recovery software on the internet that can get your personal data out of a storage unit. Just download a trustworthy data recovery software and let it do its job. Such software can also retrieve data from your damaged phone devices and SD cards, so it is always handy to have a data recovery software at your disposal.

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Data recovery can be a tricky business to handle. One wrong move can mean permanent loss of your precious data. Are you looking for reliable IT services? Let the professionals take care of it. National Computer Repair has been in business for many years now. Our experts will help you with everything from recovering your data to computer repairs and more. Visit our website or give us a call at (615) 826-7550, and we’ll fix anything and everything that is wrong with your system.  

The Best Data Transferring Options

A few decades back, transferring files and documents meant you had to print, copy, and mail your items to your recipient. Everything was maintained on paper and stored in file cabinets. While we still do follow these practices, data has also become digitalized with time and advancements in technology.

Today, when it comes to transferring important and confidential data, you cannot take any chances as it might increase the risk of losing or corrupting it. Because data is the most important asset for individuals and businesses, you may be wondering: “how can a person transfer data safely?” To clear your doubts, we have listed some of the easy ways that can help you transfer data easily.

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1. Using a USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive

One of the most convenient and reliable methods today is via USB flash drive or external hard drive. You can easily use this method to transfer large-sized files faster. Both these data-transferring devices are available at reasonable prices in the market. However, let us also warn you beforehand that while this might seem a simple and easy method, the whole process depends on the USB and hard drive. Because if you purchase a cheap device, you can easily run the risk of losing and damaging the data. Plus, you can also end up with viruses in your flash drives if you’ve accidently connected to a device infected with malware and viruses.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is another safe and secure platform that is used by many people for transferring files from one location to another. To use the Google Drive platform, you just need to have a Google account. The most eye-catching part of Google Drive is that you get to store up to 15 GB of data for free. In addition, there are other payment plans if you want to increase your storage. Plus, you can easily share data with others by using their email address.

3. Peer-To-Peer (P2P) File Transfer

When it comes to sharing data with a small group of people, nothing can be better than the peer-to-peer file transfer method. P2P is a file transfer software that is completely safe to use. To share data, individuals just have to connect to a network of peers and transfer data on their own network. 

4. Dropbox

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The most widely used application among mobile phone users is Dropbox. You can easily access and share your important documents from any computer, mobile phone, or web browser. Moreover, Dropbox Business not only provides you with secure file storage, but it’s also a smart workspace where teams, tools, and content come together. It only provides 2 GB of free storage space, but there are also payment plans available to increase it. If you haven’t tried this method of transferring files, we highly recommend it.

To Sum It Up

Although there are many file transferring options, opting for the right one that provides you with complete security becomes quite crucial. Because if the data is lost, it becomes hard to recover. We hope that the above options help you pick the right method of transferring data. If you want professionals to help you, you can consider National Computer Repair. We are one of the leading and most trusted companies delivering bespoke services at reasonable prices. To learn more, you can get in touch with the team by calling or exploring our website.

3 Reasons to Upgrade or Replace Your PC’s Motherboard

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Motherboards play an integral role in the computer’s processing and functions. It acts as a bridge between your hardware and processor. Has your PC been working slowly these days? Technology is moving fast and it’s high time you should consider upgrading your PC parts. Here are some reasons to get your motherboard upgraded and how it will benefit you.

1. Faster CPU

With an upgraded motherboard, your CPU will work faster as well. This is one of the primary reasons why many tech experts opt for a motherboard replacement when they feel that their system is in a performance lag. It is highly recommended that for a faster CPU processing, a motherboard upgrade can go a long way. For example, you will notice an immediate difference if you switch from an Intel 4th Gen CPU to lightning-fast 12th Gen.

2. Faster RAM

RAM determines the processing speed of your computer. The more the RAM, the faster your system will go. New models of RAM are only compatible with the latest motherboards. This is another reason to get a new motherboard for your system. If you are looking to upgrade the RAM in your PC, high performing RAMs like DDR4 and DDR5 won’t be compatible with an older motherboard. Make the switch right now to give your computer a performance boost.

3. Better Graphics

Are you a gamer or a video editing professional? Then your graphics card is the holy grail of your build. It is a necessary part that connects to your motherboard in order to display images on your screen. Graphic cards are the reason that your in-game settings experience a performance boost by a huge margin. It also helps reduce lag while enhancing the visual quality. An upgraded motherboard paired with a decent graphic card will noticeably amp up your machine’s performance.

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Replacing the motherboard can be a fairly technical and tricky task to handle. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, you might end up causing more harm than good. Let the professionals take care of it. National Computer Repair has been in business for many years now. Our experts will help you with everything from planning out your PC build to installing the parts for you. Visit our website or give us a call at (615) 826-7550 and we’ll fix anything and everything that is wrong with your system.

Do Not Upgrade to Windows 11 Before Asking This Question

The last two years were an opportunity to confirm that computers are highly integrated into our lives in every sense. Many people have changed their minds about the importance of computers, since it was a lifesaver during the pandemic (studying and working remotely, discovering a lot of talented freelancers, and much more). As a result, many have started to update their computer with new software or to the latest version of Windows. However, before you jump on the bandwagon and update your computer to Windows 11, you should first ask yourself this question: Is Windows 11 any good?

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The Difference between Windows 11 and Windows 10

Before making any changes or upgrades to your computer, you should have an idea about the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system to see if it works for you.

  • First and foremost, Windows 11 is easier in creating and toggling between virtual desktops compared to Windows 10.
  • Microsoft Teams is built directly into the Taskbar in Windows 11 to let personal account users quickly start a video call.
  • Microsoft is aiming to make Windows 11 easier to use on tablets than Windows 10 by improving touchscreen, voice, and pen support.
  • After a long wait from Windows users, finally you’ll be able to download Android apps to your PC in Windows 11.

In summary, Windows 11 is beautiful and has a more consistent new design with a great layout option.

The Cons of Windows 11

Windows 11 comes across as a fresh experience and this time Microsoft made a lot of tweaks and improvements to the latest OS, not just new wallpapers. However, some of these changes might be reason enough to stick with Windows 10. Let’s see some of them.

  • You have no choice but to buy new modern processors and GPUs due to some basic system requirements in order to make your desktop faster with this new version.
  • You can say bye-bye to Skype. Microsoft has been officially integrated into a new advanced platform called Teams, which allows free video conferencing. Removing Skype can be a con if you highly prefer it over other applications.
  • The timeline has been forgotten or removed in Windows 11. It could be a disadvantage for a lot of people who enjoyed being organized users, because this means no more tracking of apps and docs accessed.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, whether you like it or not, you might have to use it eventually. Because Windows 11 is here, and it will eventually replace Windows 10 as it did with all previous versions of Windows. Stay updated and try the latest Windows version. For a job well done and a professional upgrade to the new Windows version, call on the team at National Computer Repair. Reach us at (615) 826-7550 or visit our website here for more information.

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