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How Does A VPN Protect Your Digital Life

The development of the web has enabled the creation of many jobs and therefore, many employees rely on the Internet for work. Nevertheless, the majority of users neglect the danger that Internet poses. It’s important to be aware that there are cybercriminals who are on the lookout for opportunities to steal date, passwords, etc. Luckily, VPNs were created precisely to protect you from this threat. Continue reading our article to learn more about how VPNs can help you stay private online.

Privacy, Where Are You?

Did you know that your internet service provider could sell your browsing history to the highest bidder? That is the harsh truth internet users should be aware of. Fortunately, a VPN can protect your identity and your online activity. A VPN is the first step that will allow you to go completely unnoticed and undetectable on search engine directories. Therefore, we recommend installing a VPN on every device.

Cybercriminals Got You!

If you think that you are cyber-savvy, remember that there are many people just as insightful – cybercriminals. You are highly exposed to their attacks whenever you are logged into any social network platforms or streaming sites. To avoid being tracked, use a VPN. The VPN server you use prevents you from having the passwords of your different accounts stolen, along with hiding your IP address and identity.

A VPN Conceals an IP Address

An IP address is a set of numbers that represents a special number unique to your home network. This number is found on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. If this set of numbers is tracked, anyone could use it to trace your internet connection and therefore discover your location. Make sure to mask your IP address with a reliable VPN provider!

Encrypt Your Data

Another way a VPN protects your digital life is to encrypt all of your data. “Encryption is a method of changing normal text into an unreadable jumble of code. A key, or decryptor, unscrambles the text and renders it back into readable information. When you use a VPN, only your device and the VPN provider contain the decryption key”, according to Avast.


As we become more connected online, we expose ourselves to being hacked. Of course, there is always a solution to prevent that threat, and a VPN is one of them. If the unfortunate happens, or you think that someone is spying on your online activity, turn to the professionals at National Computer Repair. For more information about our services, please visit our website or call 615-826-7550 today!

Why Is The World Shifting To Virtual Reality Machines?

It’s 2022, and technology is advancing at a lightning-fast pace. Every day there is a new innovation that is aiding humankind in some way to improve our quality of life. One of these innovations is the advent of virtual reality, and with time, we have witnessed its growth into countless fields. The applications for virtual reality are growing at a rapid rate, helping people explore unchartered territories of opportunities and possibilities. Here are some of the reasons top experts are opting for VR and why you should make the shift as well.

1. Experience a reality beyond the physical senses.

Virtual reality technology offers you the opportunity to experience a situation from a first-person perspective. With hyper-realistic graphics, virtual reality has totally revolutionized the gaming industry. A gamer can be ‘inside’ the game and participate as the character in the gameplay. Every move is triggered by the player, and it provides a real sensation and feedback with every action. Virtual reality has made a massive impact on the gaming industry with its amazing immersive technology.

2. Virtual reality has taken simulation and training to another level.

One of the many applications of virtual reality includes usage for simulation and training purposes and procedures. Through a virtual reality machine, one can simulate a highly dangerous or technical situation. Some examples including training in delicate medical procedures, flight training, combat simulations, solidifying your technical repair skills under pressured simulations, and much more. This is all possible with VR machines without risking other peoples’ lives. Overall, using VR to train can be applied to various industries and situations.

3. VR equipment offers a preview of your destination.

Have you ever been disappointed by the destination of your vacation? Not anymore! VR is here to prevent disappointment among vacationers. Never be fooled again by the pictures when you can just use VR to preview your hotel rooms and destinations as a live 360-degree feed. The use of VR for this purpose has grown steadily and many hotels and rental places are introducing convenient virtual tours.

4. Virtual reality can enhance your shopping experience and decisions.

VR comes in very handy in our day-to-day activities, such as shopping. Suppose you’re planning to renovate or update the interior design of your house. However, just looking at the designs doesn’t make it simple and it can be hard to imagine how it would actually look. Such confusion can easily be handled by using VR to put together the designs and the interior of your house for a well-versed decision.


One can debate that virtual reality can be astounding and educational for so many, and it can also aid in reducing the build-up stress by granting them the joy of visiting another world virtually. If you need any services regarding virtual reality machines, whether it is questions regarding the equipment or installation of a VR unit, consult with National Computer Repair. Visit our website or give us a call at (615) 826-7550 and we’ll fix anything and everything that is wrong with your system.

4 Tips to Keep Your Devices Safe from Internet Viruses

Viruses on the internet are super dangerous. It can easily infect your devices with malware. These viruses are harmful and can steal your personal information, delete your files, and slow down your computer. Not only that, but it can also cause your device to stop working altogether. Do you fear internet viruses? Do you wish to secure your device from internet viruses but are not sure what to do? No need to stress! We have gathered some of the best tips that can help you protect your device. Scroll down to start reading!

1. Antivirus software installation.

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When you use the internet, there’s always a possibility of a harmful virus or malware infecting your device. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to protect your device. Your top priority is to install and run a trustworthy antivirus software. This will help you stay safe from online threats, whether you do online shopping, banking, or browsing.

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2. Avoid opening suspicious email attachments.

One of the easiest ways to transfer a virus to another computer is through email attachments. Often, people open spam email attachments without thinking, which can lead to massive damage to the device. Therefore, sites like Gmail and Outlook ask for your permission to download the attachment. So next time you receive an email attachment from an unknown email address, think twice before you hit the download button. 

3. Avoid clicking on spam website links.

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If you find websites with suspicious names on the internet, avoid clicking on these links as these fake websites may contain viruses. If you click the link, the virus will enter your computer without you even realizing it and will gain access to all your confidential documents. Moreover, if you find buttons on spam websites or ads with the given below wording, just avoid clicking.

  • Click here 
  • Check me
  • Buy now 
  • Free 

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4. Create a backup for your device.

You cannot fully secure your computer. Even if you install anti-virus software on your computer, there will still be a chance of getting a virus on your device from the internet. Therefore, instead of neglecting all the red flags and regretting later, it’s better to make use of cloud backup. This way, you can store all your essential documents in a secure location that won’t be affected by the virus. Even if your device crashes because of the virus, you won’t have to deal with any unnecessary problems or loss of files. You can easily download and restore essential files from the cloud.

The Bottom Line 

We hope that the above guidelines will help you secure your device from internet viruses. If you want professionals to help you connect your device to a cloud storage or to get rid of viruses, consider National Computer Repair. We are one of the leading and most trusted companies delivering bespoke services at reasonable prices. Visit our website or give us a call at (615) 826-7550, and we’ll fix anything and everything that is wrong with your system.

How to Pick the Right Laptop for Programming

Finding the best laptop for programming is not an easy task. There are many options now available on the market, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stress out trying to find one. We understand that programming requirements might be different according to the software you will be working on or the programming language you want to work with. In this month’s blog, we will talk about the specifications of different programming computers and laptops you can take into consideration. So, if you’re a freelance programmer or an entrepreneur and are planning to build something revolutionary by coding, check out our guide below.

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Computer or Laptop?

It is clear that if you have to travel and want program anywhere that suits you, you will certainly not invest in a fixed computer. On the other hand, if you plan to invest in a laptop, remember to check that it is equipped with a full number pad because when programming, you often have to type in numbers.

The Screen

To program, it is not necessary to have a screen with a high resolution and optimal quality. A standard, classic screen does the trick. You can therefore choose a modest screen size, especially if you are on a laptop. But if you want to work on a fixed screen, we recommend a screen of at least 22 inches for ease in your work.


A mechanical hard drive (HDD) does the trick for your computer. But it is undeniable that the performance, as well as the fluidity of your system, will be much better on an SSD. This will allow your laptop to be efficient and work fast, no matter your task.

If you have the option of having 2 physical disks on your computer, go for it. But it’s very important to separate the system from your data. If you merge them, chances are you’ll lose your data, and this is the last thing you want.

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Graphics Card

If you want to do 3D programming or design a video game, having a good graphics card is a prerequisite. But for most programming languages, a basic graphics card will do the trick since programming software consumes very few graphic resources.


If you’re ready to get started on your programming journey on a system you’ve built yourself, following the above information will help a great deal. If you need help upgrading your laptop into a programming laptop, come into our computer shop at National Computer Repair and rely on our knowledgeable technicians!

How to Recover Data from a Damaged Hard Drive

Today, many of us use hard drives to conveniently store our personal data. However, seeing a damaged hard drive or losing it can be quite frustrating like a bad nightmare. Nowadays, hard drives are not secure and can be easily damaged. These risks include physical damage, data corruption, or even a virus attack. Not to mention, recovering data from a damaged hard drive depends upon the level of damage to the device. If you’re attempting to recover your lost data from a damaged hard drive, then here are some useful steps that you can follow.

1. Connect the dead hard drive to your system.

If the hard drive is already in your system, you can just skip this step. However, if it is an external hard drive, you need to connect it to your PC via a SATA cable. SATA cables can be found online at your local hardware store. Connect one end of the cable to the hard drive and the other one to the computer. You can also invest in a USB cradle if you are a laptop owner. All you have to do is slip the hard drive into the cradle and connect it to your laptop.

2. Check for any damage.

Now that you are all hooked up into the system, you can inspect your hard drive for the damages. The hard drive might show up on your computer or laptop as an external storage device. Copy the data onto your system as a backup.

However, a lot of times, things aren’t so simple and you may be unable to import the data into your system. Or even worse, your computer does not recognize the data on the connected hard drive. If you find yourself in this situation, move onto the next step.

3. Download a data recovery software.

If all else above has failed, you can also look into a new way of recovering data from your dead hard drive. There are many free and paid data recovery software on the internet that can get your personal data out of a storage unit. Just download a trustworthy data recovery software and let it do its job. Such software can also retrieve data from your damaged phone devices and SD cards, so it is always handy to have a data recovery software at your disposal.

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Data recovery can be a tricky business to handle. One wrong move can mean permanent loss of your precious data. Are you looking for reliable IT services? Let the professionals take care of it. National Computer Repair has been in business for many years now. Our experts will help you with everything from recovering your data to computer repairs and more. Visit our website or give us a call at (615) 826-7550, and we’ll fix anything and everything that is wrong with your system.  

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