Summer is here, and it’s brought some heat for the ride! This begs the question: can you use your computer or laptop in the heat? The good news is, yes – with some exceptions of course. Follow along with this blog to learn the dos and don’ts of computer use in the summer heat!


Avoid: Direct Sunlight

There are many jobs or tasks that require laptop or computer use on the go. If this is something that applies to you, just remember to keep your electronics out of direct sunlight. If you’re working outside, find a shady spot or bring an umbrella; this will keep your laptop from overheating and shutting down. The shade will also make it easier to see your screen while working. If you have a home desktop computer, avoid placing it directly in front of a window that gets a lot of sun. If this is too difficult to avoid, ensure that your windows have easy to use blinds. Again, this will give your computer a cool environment to run in.

Avoid: Cars

If you’re an on-the-go type of person, avoid leaving your laptop in the car. While it may be hard to resist, leaving your laptop in the car is a great way to overheat the hard drives. If you’re stopping somewhere quickly, we suggest using a laptop carrier as you can wear it on your shoulder or even in a backpack. It may seem ridiculous, but your laptop will be happier. You wouldn’t leave your toddler or dog in the car during a hot summer day; even for a second. Treat your laptop like a living being, and you’ll be in the clear!

Tip: Acclimate

A laptop’s name can be very deceiving. The name makes it seem like your device should be sat on your lap, when in actuality there are tons and tons of articles warning against this. Well, we are here to say the same. While using your laptop out in the heat or in a hot environment, your main goal should be to maintain a cool surface for your device to rest on. Whether the temperature is hot or cold, your body is always warm. Leaving your laptop on your lap can warm up the device. When it’s already hot outside, you’re now at risk for overheating. Another reason you should avoid resting your device on your lap is because the heat created by the laptop could potentially burn your legs! 



Summer is in full swing, which means the days are getting warmer and warmer. This year, we recommend paying close attention to how you treat your laptop or desktop computer in the heat. Avoiding potentially damaging situations while maintaining a cool environment is imperative to device longevity. Too late to follow this advice? Head on over to National Computer Repair to check out different ways we can help you!