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Features to Look for in a Laptop Case

When purchasing a laptop most shoppers, for obvious reasons, will spend hours researching the best options for their individual needs and budget. Why spend that time and money if afterward you plan to haphazardly travel with it and leave it vulnerable to shock, moisture, and surface scratches? Knowing what features to look for in a laptop case is crucial because not every case will offer optimal convenience, style, and protection.  

Handle or Strap

The purpose of a laptop case is convenient travel and that convenience increases tenfold when it’s equipped with a small handle or a long shoulder strap. Without this feature laptop owners would have to place their case in yet another bag of some kind, or risk dropping it when carrying it by hand.


While laptops are undeniably valuable, they‘re essentially rendered useless when their charge runs out. Storage pockets in a laptop case make travelling with the power cord as well as pens, notes, and other small objects much easier and more convenient.


By far the most important feature in a laptop case is how protective it is. A great case will have a super soft inner lining that protects the computer from chips and scratches, which should then be surrounded by a shock proof sponge. This type of sponge works to absorb the impact in the event it’s dropped or mishandled. The outermost layer of your laptop case should be water proof or water resistant for optimal and total protection at all times.


Along with ensuring that the zipper on your laptop case is strong and durable, its specific location on the case itself can be of importance as well. If a considerable amount of your travels are via airplane, a zipper located on the short end of the case greatly boosts accessibility when taking the computer in and out of a carry-on bag at airport security.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re travelling to your local coffee shop or to study abroad, properly protecting your laptop also protects your documents, photos, and personal information too. Be sure to purchase all of your tech gadgets and accessories from a reputable retailer such as National Computer Repair in Madison, TN.  You can browse our inventory via our website or stop by our shop any day of the week for affordable tech products that won’t disappoint!

Laptops Computers vs Desktop Computers

While the age of paper thin and hyper speed computers are upon us, many still question whether a desktop or laptop computer would best suit them. Both types of computers have their benefits and their downfalls, but they all grant the gift of infinite possibilities and resources.


It’s entirely possible to find incredibly high performance computers that can accomplish everything you need in both laptop and desktop form. Though for the sake of comparison, a laptop equipped with comparable features and components to those of a desktop computer will not perform as well. This is due to the fact that laptop parts are made smaller and lighter for mobility purposes, sacrificing some speed and performance.


Price is arguably the biggest factor most people consider before purchasing a new computer and those who haven’t shopped around recently may be surprised to see just how far their money can go. Even though desktop computers tend to have better rates of performance than laptops do, they often cost much less. A laptop computer with similar parts as a desktop computer can cost as much as fifty percent more.


Though this may seem obvious, desktop computers are not ideal for those who are frequently mobile. Desktop computers have a reputation for being bulky and heavy, and even though that is becoming less true every year, there is some truth to it. Those who need to be near a computer at all times would most benefit from the freedom a laptop offers, though there is always the option of investing in both!


While desktop computers are typically better performing and lower in cost, it can be hard to not see the appeal in a computer that’s both ultra-thin and lightweight. Computers are wonderful tools when they work properly but can be incredibly frustrating and confusing when they don’t. Contact us here whenever you need fast and affordable computer repair services, we are highly experienced in repairing both desktop and laptop computers!

How to Avoid a Computer Virus

We all fear the day our beloved computer or laptop falls victim to a computer virus. If you’ve gone through the experience before, you know just how terrible it is to hear the news. Countless files are corrupt and only after a pricey repair will know if anything is salvageable. If you’re doing your best to avoid the terrible fate, be sure to continue reading this month’s blog to learn more!


Keeping your computer software up to date is one of the easiest ways to help prevent a virus. While it may be a hassle to download the new software and allow it to install, it will all be worth it in the end. Updated software on your computer is better able to detect newer virus’. If your computer can detect a virus, you will likely be warned before any damage is done!

Back Up

It should go without saying, but backing up your computer is essential; even if you aren’t worried about a virus. When it comes to the world of computers, anything can happen at any time. Backing up your information and documents is a good way to prevent loss in case you do get a virus. 

Antivirus Software

There are plenty of reputable antivirus software programs you can download on your computer to prevent the contraction of a virus. Many programs are even offered at affordable prices; sometimes for free! It is important to do research on the program, however, because sometimes a site will advertise and pose as an antivirus software when in reality it’s a virus. 

Avoid Suspicious Websites

With the above being said, it’s important to really look at the website’s URL address before you click in. Regardless of the website you are visiting, be diligent about what it looks like. If it looks suspicious, it likely is. A safe website will end simply with a .com or .gov or .edu

Scan Email Attachments

Another common way to get a virus is through emails. There are tons of scammers who will impersonate a popular brand or even pose as someone you know. The email will attempt to extract personal and private information from you or ask you to download something or visit a link. Emails like such are getting harder and harder to differentiate between, so it’s important to really investigate. Make sure you always scan attachments to ensure no virus is detectable, and also make sure you give the URL a good look. 


Accidentally downloading a virus onto your beloved computer is never fun. However, accidents happen, and we will be there for you! If you believe a virus has been downloaded onto your computer, be sure to check out National Computer Repair! 

Using Your Computer in the Heat

Summer is here, and it’s brought some heat for the ride! This begs the question: can you use your computer or laptop in the heat? The good news is, yes – with some exceptions of course. Follow along with this blog to learn the dos and don’ts of computer use in the summer heat!


Avoid: Direct Sunlight

There are many jobs or tasks that require laptop or computer use on the go. If this is something that applies to you, just remember to keep your electronics out of direct sunlight. If you’re working outside, find a shady spot or bring an umbrella; this will keep your laptop from overheating and shutting down. The shade will also make it easier to see your screen while working. If you have a home desktop computer, avoid placing it directly in front of a window that gets a lot of sun. If this is too difficult to avoid, ensure that your windows have easy to use blinds. Again, this will give your computer a cool environment to run in.

Avoid: Cars

If you’re an on-the-go type of person, avoid leaving your laptop in the car. While it may be hard to resist, leaving your laptop in the car is a great way to overheat the hard drives. If you’re stopping somewhere quickly, we suggest using a laptop carrier as you can wear it on your shoulder or even in a backpack. It may seem ridiculous, but your laptop will be happier. You wouldn’t leave your toddler or dog in the car during a hot summer day; even for a second. Treat your laptop like a living being, and you’ll be in the clear!

Tip: Acclimate

A laptop’s name can be very deceiving. The name makes it seem like your device should be sat on your lap, when in actuality there are tons and tons of articles warning against this. Well, we are here to say the same. While using your laptop out in the heat or in a hot environment, your main goal should be to maintain a cool surface for your device to rest on. Whether the temperature is hot or cold, your body is always warm. Leaving your laptop on your lap can warm up the device. When it’s already hot outside, you’re now at risk for overheating. Another reason you should avoid resting your device on your lap is because the heat created by the laptop could potentially burn your legs! 



Summer is in full swing, which means the days are getting warmer and warmer. This year, we recommend paying close attention to how you treat your laptop or desktop computer in the heat. Avoiding potentially damaging situations while maintaining a cool environment is imperative to device longevity. Too late to follow this advice? Head on over to National Computer Repair to check out different ways we can help you!

Scenarios Where You Need PC Adaptors

In today’s fast-paced, tech-filled world, many of our devices come with a wide array of ports to contend with. Every year, a new technology standard is introduced designed to make our lives easier, but sometimes, it creates new challenges with all the cables we must contend with.

As a result, it’s important to understand what you will need in to plug your devices into other peripherals. The same goes when you’re in the market for a new computer but don’t feel like replacing every device to make it compatible. Simple, inexpensive PC adaptors may do the trick at a fraction of the price. In this article, we’ll run down a few of the scenarios where you’ll need one!

Plug Your New Computer into an Older Monitor

If your monitor only has a DVI input (the white plug) or VGA input (the blue plug), this can be a bit of a problem. Most modern computers have video cards that only offer an HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) port which allows an output of up to 4K resolution. As a result, you’re left there scratching your head on what to do.

An HDMI-to-DVI or an HDMI-to-VGA adaptor is an inexpensive solution that allows you to use your current cables. If your computer has DVI output and your monitor has a VGA input, you can purchase an adaptor that can convert the signal. Finally, if your screen has a DisplayPort, you’re going to need an adaptor since an unpowered DisplayPort-to-HDMI cable won’t do the trick.

Plug Your Device into Your Computer

Say you want to have the ability to plug your tablet into your monitor. Whether you want to show someone a video you watched or need some extra real estate to play your favorite mobile games, it’s great to have a larger secondary display you can rely on.

A wide range of tablets have either HDMI or a mini variant, so invest in an HDMI-to-mini or micro HDMI adaptor. This same adaptor can be used to plug in a DSLR or a Raspberry Pi to a computer.

Perhaps you simply want to plug your smartphone into a computer normally in order to charge it or transfer files and your laptop only has a USB-C port (the newer Apple Macbooks feature this). For that, you’re going to either need a USB-C to micro USB or a USB-C to USB-A adaptor. This is also useful if you want to hook up a controller to the computer to play some games!


So there you have it! These are only a few examples of how PC adaptors will help you avoid having to spend more money than you have to upgrade your tech. Of course, we always recommend speaking to a specialist if you aren’t sure of the connector you will need for your particular setup.

Do you have any questions or thoughts regarding the use of adaptors? Be sure to leave them in the comments section below!