No one wants to deal with a computer virus as it is annoying, time-consuming, and costlyUnfortunately, we have all experienced that terrifying moment when seemingly endless new tabs pop open on your computer that you are unable to close. Even after restarting your computer, your screen remains filled with new popups, leaving you unable to even reach your settings. No one wants to deal with a computer virus as it is annoying, time-consuming, and costly! Although we provide services to eradicate computer viruses, you can prevent this from happening by keeping the following tips in mind.

Install Anti-Virus Software

Install Anti-Virus SoftwareThe first step towards keeping your computer virus-free is to download anti-virus software. Although this may seem like an obvious choice, many people do not think that they require such software as they do not visit risky sites. However, regardless of the intended use for your computer, it runs a virus risk simply by being connected to the internet. Viruses and malware come in all different shapes and sizes from risky websites and emails to unsecured networks and downloads. Anti-virus programs normally come pre-installed on computers, so take advantage of the free trial and consider sticking with it even after the trial period has ended. Although you may not want another expense to your monthly bills, an anti-virus software is an investment to keep not only your computer safe but also your personal files and documents.

Secure Your Network

Today, our computers connect to our files, printers, and Internet via a Wi-Fi connection. It is extremely important to set up a strong password to prevent hackers from accessing your files and computer. We recommend that you use a WPA or WPA2 encryption as WEP is no longer strong enough and can be bypassed in minutes by experts. It is also a good idea to not broadcast your SSID and instead, type it in when you want to use it.

Think Before You Click

Think Before You ClickWhen you receive emails from people you do not know, it is best that you do not open the email or click on any attached files or links. Your email server will often detect such emails and put them in your junk folder for your own safety. It is also best to avoid websites that provide pirated material as the download will often contain malware rather than your intended choice of film. When following any hyperlink, hover over the underlined word before you click to see exactly where the link is really taking you. When on the internet, it can be easy to lose your concentration and simply click through links without giving it a second thought. However, it is extremely important to always think before you click.

Next time you open your computer and connect to the internet, be sure to keep our fore-mentioned tips in mind to prevent your computer from catching a virus. In the case that prevention is impossible, bring your computer to us for virus removal services. Comment below and let us know how you keep your computer virus free!