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Steps to Take Before Selling Your Old Computer

Many people today keep their most important information on their computers. Whether it be passwords to bank accounts, private photos, or confidential documents it’s important that you take the following steps before selling your used computer or laptop to someone you do not know or trust.

Back Up Your Files

The last thing you want is for your private information to be lost or shared without your permission. To ensure that you do not lose any vital information on your hardware, take the time to back up all of your most important files to an external hard drive. It will then be easy to transfer that information to a new computer if desired.

De-authorize Software and Programs

Different types of digital software programs such as Adobe and iTunes have the ability to hold on to and store your personal information. It’s very important to individually de-authorize these programs prior to selling your computer to ensure your login info will not linger behind.

Clear the Hard Drive

The process for clearing a hard drive will depend on the type of computer you have. This can be a time-consuming process as the computer manually goes through and deletes off any and all information that it had stored. Sometimes computers will require you to reinstall the operating system in order for it to properly reboot.

Final Thoughts

The team at National Computer Repair understands how valuable and sensitive your private information is. We are committed to helping customers in the Madison, TN community remove passwords from their computers, install new hard drives, resolve formatting issues and much much more.

Top 3 Problems for Tablet Users

As one of the more trendy devices on the market, tablets have made a name in the tech world for being easy to use and travel with. This device is used in the same way as a smart phone or laptop. However, with any device, there might be some performance issues. Some examples include battery problems or screen function. Follow along in our blog as we discuss tech problems you may encounter with a tablet.

Battery/Power Issues

If you are experiencing a low battery problem, look at the apps you have installed. Third-party apps (which are usually apps downloaded from the App Store or Google Play) can drain the battery. You can check which apps are eating up the power by going to your tablet’s “battery use” section. The next step is to uninstall apps that you don’t use or that are using up the most power.

Screen Problems

External and internal screen problems can be an inconvenience, as most tablets are touch screen. For external issues, closely examine the screen for cracks, chips, or particles that may be interfering with the touch feature. As for internal complications, a non-responsive or slow screen may be due to limited RAM. You can fix this issue by deleting apps, clearing the cache, or simply close apps you’re not using.

Charging Issues

Sometimes tablets stop charging, even when plugged in. Why? Well one reason could be a damaged charge port. The port is the part of the tablet where the charger is plugged into. On the other hand, a twisted or damaged cable may possibly be the culprit. iFixScreens gives an important tip: “always use the device’s original charging cable or purchase a good quality charging string that doesn’t damage your tablet or your adapter.”

Final Thoughts

If you can’t solve your tech problem, the experts at National Computer Repair can! You can call on us for tech support when it comes to your computer, tablet, and more. We’ve got you covered!

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How to Safely Transport a Computer

Many people underestimate just how fragile their PC’s are. Not only is a PC very fragile, they also tend to be bulky and expensive too. Whether you are moving to a new house or are lending your computer to a friend, it’s crucial that when your transport your PC you do so safely. Below we discuss a few tips to follow when traveling with your computer.

Back it Up

All of the valuable information on your computer is also usually irreplaceable. If disaster finds your PC it’s important that all of your irreplaceable memories and personal information was backed up to an external hard drive beforehand. Keep the external hard drive far away from your computer to ensure they cannot both be damaged or stolen in a similar fashion.

Box it Up

The way in which you wrap and box up your computer will ultimately determine how safe it will stay during travel. Use bubble wrap, cloth, and anything else you can to adequately pad every corner and protect every button and outlet. Lightly stack a few lightweight pieces in each box and be sure to not stack anything else heavy on top of them during transport. Keep wires neatly wrapped and individually labeled for easy reinstallation.


When it comes to transporting a bulky PC the biggest priority should be preparation. By backing up the hard drive and safely packing away all of its pieces you are much less likely to face a costly accident with your beloved computer. If disaster strikes your computer physically or internally during your move, you can trust the experts at National Computer Repair to get the job done quickly and affordably.

Laptops Computers vs Desktop Computers

While the age of paper thin and hyper speed computers are upon us, many still question whether a desktop or laptop computer would best suit them. Both types of computers have their benefits and their downfalls, but they all grant the gift of infinite possibilities and resources.


It’s entirely possible to find incredibly high performance computers that can accomplish everything you need in both laptop and desktop form. Though for the sake of comparison, a laptop equipped with comparable features and components to those of a desktop computer will not perform as well. This is due to the fact that laptop parts are made smaller and lighter for mobility purposes, sacrificing some speed and performance.


Price is arguably the biggest factor most people consider before purchasing a new computer and those who haven’t shopped around recently may be surprised to see just how far their money can go. Even though desktop computers tend to have better rates of performance than laptops do, they often cost much less. A laptop computer with similar parts as a desktop computer can cost as much as fifty percent more.


Though this may seem obvious, desktop computers are not ideal for those who are frequently mobile. Desktop computers have a reputation for being bulky and heavy, and even though that is becoming less true every year, there is some truth to it. Those who need to be near a computer at all times would most benefit from the freedom a laptop offers, though there is always the option of investing in both!


While desktop computers are typically better performing and lower in cost, it can be hard to not see the appeal in a computer that’s both ultra-thin and lightweight. Computers are wonderful tools when they work properly but can be incredibly frustrating and confusing when they don’t. Contact us here whenever you need fast and affordable computer repair services, we are highly experienced in repairing both desktop and laptop computers!

Should I Repair or Replace My Computer?

As computer repair experts, we are always being asked if a repair or replacement is better . And the truth is, there are many factors that need to be considered before coming to a conclusion. As your local trusted computer repair shop, we want to provide our customers with a thorough evaluation of their computer before making a decision. Read along as we discuss the factors that need to be considered before deciding to repair or replace your computer.


One of the first things to consider is the age and condition of your computer. Is your computer a year old? 5 years old? Have you upgraded its operating system, or is it still running on an older version? Are you considering a new computer because you want new tech features in it, or would an operating system upgrade do the trick? We know that computers do not last forever, but they can last a long time. Sometimes, we consider a replacement simply out of personal preference and aesthetic, but it does not necessarily mean that it’s the best option. Here at our shop, we thoroughly evaluate the condition of your computer and provide you with the best option that suits your needs and budget.

Repair Cost vs New Computer Cost

This might be the biggest factor that you will deal with. We all want the most cost efficient option. And when debating between repair and replacement, costs will most often than not be the determining factor. Consider, what is the cost of the repair? Will the repair cost more than the original price of your computer? How much will a new computer cost? Will a new computer surpass the features currently programmed in your original computer? These are all questions that a team of expert techs can assist you with. When you enlist our services, we make it our priority to guide you through our work and help you better understand computer for you to make the best decision.

If you are dealing with computer problems, buying a new computer might be intriguing, but there are things that need to be considered before making such decisions. From your computers condition, to the cost difference between a repair and a replacement, you have a lot to think about. We understand how stressful such situation can be, which is why we are here to help! Bring us your computer and one of our skilled techs will evaluate it to give you the best options. Whether you are looking to repair your computer or looking for a newer option that is affordable, we are here to assist. Visit us online to learn more about us and our services.

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