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How Does A VPN Protect Your Digital Life

The development of the web has enabled the creation of many jobs and therefore, many employees rely on the Internet for work. Nevertheless, the majority of users neglect the danger that Internet poses. It’s important to be aware that there are cybercriminals who are on the lookout for opportunities to steal date, passwords, etc. Luckily, VPNs were created precisely to protect you from this threat. Continue reading our article to learn more about how VPNs can help you stay private online.

Privacy, Where Are You?

Did you know that your internet service provider could sell your browsing history to the highest bidder? That is the harsh truth internet users should be aware of. Fortunately, a VPN can protect your identity and your online activity. A VPN is the first step that will allow you to go completely unnoticed and undetectable on search engine directories. Therefore, we recommend installing a VPN on every device.

Cybercriminals Got You!

If you think that you are cyber-savvy, remember that there are many people just as insightful – cybercriminals. You are highly exposed to their attacks whenever you are logged into any social network platforms or streaming sites. To avoid being tracked, use a VPN. The VPN server you use prevents you from having the passwords of your different accounts stolen, along with hiding your IP address and identity.

A VPN Conceals an IP Address

An IP address is a set of numbers that represents a special number unique to your home network. This number is found on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. If this set of numbers is tracked, anyone could use it to trace your internet connection and therefore discover your location. Make sure to mask your IP address with a reliable VPN provider!

Encrypt Your Data

Another way a VPN protects your digital life is to encrypt all of your data. “Encryption is a method of changing normal text into an unreadable jumble of code. A key, or decryptor, unscrambles the text and renders it back into readable information. When you use a VPN, only your device and the VPN provider contain the decryption key”, according to Avast.


As we become more connected online, we expose ourselves to being hacked. Of course, there is always a solution to prevent that threat, and a VPN is one of them. If the unfortunate happens, or you think that someone is spying on your online activity, turn to the professionals at National Computer Repair. For more information about our services, please visit our website or call 615-826-7550 today!

3 Common Computer Problems & How to Fix Them

In the day and age of advanced computer technology, we’re still dealing with computer problems. From slow network performance to frozen screens, malfunctions with your desktop can occur at any time. In our blog, we’re going to explain common computer problems, along with easy ways to fix them. Keep reading to find out more!

Computer Constantly Freezes

Computers are complex machines that manage multiple processes without you ever seeing them. Because there are so many different programs running at one time, this may cause your computer to freeze or not respond to your actions. For this type of problem, all you need to do is reboot your system. RedNight Consulting states that “in the event that you are experiencing constant freezes, it could be a sign of insufficient system memory, registry errors, corrupted files, or even spyware.” You should check each of these potential issues one by one until you find the main problem. For the best results, you can choose to run a system check or a malware program to find the problem quickly!

Slow Performance

You may start to notice slower performance in apps you use every day. This dilemma is typically found in your operating system. It’s not a big problem though, because you can easily resolve it by doing some basic software cleanup. As RedNight Consulting suggests, “run a quick system check from your Task Manager to see which applications are taking up the most CPU and RAM resources.” Once your system is cleared from any unnecessary programs, you’ll notice your computer running more smoothly!

Loud Noises from Computer

If you begin to hear loud clicking or grinding noises from your computer, the issue is most likely from your internal cooling fan or hard drive. If you open the PC case and notice that the cooling fans aren’t functioning correctly, it’s probably time to change them out. Cooling fans themselves are relatively inexpensive and easy to change with a screwdriver. CPU fans, power supplies, and graphics cards are other possible areas you should inspect. These replacements can be more costly, but at least you’ll have a quieter (and better working) computer in the long run.


As we’ve listed above, PC problems can happen at any time, which can cause a hindrance when working and everyday use in general. Don’t stress about computer issues any longer when you contact National Computer Repair. We have the services you need to get your computer up and running in no time!