Believe it or not, your electronic devices are sensitive to the cold and are prone to both software and hardware malfunctions. For instance, your laptop might experience a dead battery, screen issues, internal component errors, or liquid condensation. There’s no worse feeling than losing accessibility to your laptop, especially when you put heavy investments in it. When dealing with the wintertime, you’re going to need a plan on how to keep your laptop safe. In this blog, we’ll detail ways in which you can protect your laptop from freezing up!

Minimize exposure to cold weather

Keep your laptop in a bag or case whenever you go out. If you live in an area where it snows, then you definitely want to avoid exposing your laptop to the cold. If snow ever falls on it directly, the liquid can slip into the crevices and damage your hardware. You can find a well-insulated and padded case to reduce the frigidity – think of it as putting a coat on your laptop!

Don’t leave it in your car

In general, you should not leave your laptop or any other electronic device in your car where it’s visible to passing eyes. In this case, you don’t want to leave it in your car with the engine off. It’s bound to feel like a brick of ice by the time you come back and pick it up. There will more than likely be internal and external damage.

Change the settings to power save mode

The power save mode is your best friend, someone who’s there to help you. Shutting down your laptop causes the hard drive to stop spinning. When you change it to power save mode, however, the disk will keep spinning and generate its own heat. Don’t worry about it overheating – the setting prevents that from happening!

Don’t use warmers that aren’t intended for electronic devices

Pocket warmers are not designed to keep your phone or laptop warm. If you use these, then the excess heat will cause internal components to melt. The only heat you really want for your laptop is the one that it generates on its own.


These are just a few tips to follow when carrying or using your laptop in the cold. Generally, electronic devices are expensive and, even if it’s just repairs, they can still make a dent in your wallet. That’s why we urge you to take cautionary measures with your laptop. If you encounter an issue, bring it to your local computer technician that offers affordable prices!