When it comes to cleaning your computer, it is more than just cleaning the keyboard. There are various parts that accumulate dirt over some time, which may cause some features to fail and even sometimes cause a fire. Other parts of a computer that are not so obvious when it comes to cleaning, but are still critical in the performance of your computer include the following

  • Heat sinks
  • Motherboard and drives
  • Video games /cards
  • Fans and filers

Depending on the type of computer you want to clean, either PC or laptop, the process may vary due to the different components of the system. One of the valuable tools you can incorporate when cleaning your computer is using a can of compressed air. When you use it correctly, the short bursts of air are able to get the dust and dirt out of the crevices that are hard to clean.

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  1. Keyboard Cleaning

The computer keyboard gets dirty, lots of things end up under the keys, ultimately causing damage. Some things that can sometimes settle under the keyboard include:

  • Germs
  • Spills
  • Dust
  • Body oils
  • Crumbs and snacks

Most keyboards are difficult to clean, and therefore they require regular attention to keep them sanitary and in excellent working condition.

2. Monitor or LCD Screen

LCDs or monitors require special attention, especially when cleaning; they are delicate, and therefore, you must tend them with extra caution. Ensure that you do not use abrasive clothing that can cause damage to the screen. In addition, never use alcohol or ammonia-based solutions to clean the computer.

It’s important to turn the computer off when cleaning and wipe gently from side to side and top to bottom while avoiding circuit swirl motions. Using a microfiber cloth is the best choice for wiping the screen and removing smudges and fingerprints.

3. Cleaning the Inside of a Computer

The inside of a computer is quite complex; therefore, it requires that you take extra care. When cleaning the inside of the computer, always remember to turn it off, unplug the system and then disconnect keyboards, monitors, and other peripherals.

Next, you can use compressed air, a squeeze bulb, or a small light brush to remove dust from the most contaminated surfaces. Remember to keep the blades stationary when blowing. Repeat using compressed air for RAM, CPU, heat sinks, and the entire case interior.

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A clean exterior and interior is fundamental for the overall performance and lifespan of your computer. To keep your PC and computer running smoothly, you must always give it a regular cleaning. It’s advisable to observe the correct procedure of opening the computer and following the proper cleaning process every three to six months. If you have questions about computer services, talk to our team of experts at National Computer Repair.