Co-workers using two monitors for editing project.

The constant struggle with every workforce is how to improve efficacy while boosting productivity in employees. This can be attained through different methods, some popular choices including: incentives, special work events, and bonuses implemented by the administration. However, these options tend to work for short-term goals, and then you are back at square one. This is why we have found an easy solution that you can utilize in your work place to boost productivity!

Dual Monitors

When you are looking for more long-term growth, research suggests that productivity is better when companies utilize dual monitors in the workspace. Even trying different ideas like programs upgrades, system overhauls, and hiring efficiency consultants can be time consuming and costly, unlike adding dual monitors to your desk. Having multiple programs or applications running at the same time with a new level of ease, with dual monitors showing one program on one screen and corresponding program on another. This makes it easy to drag and pull photos and documents onto Adobe or other creative applications, cutting down wasted time and letting you finish your project in a speedy manner!

Daily Tasks

Employee completing work project.

Much of today’s work force requires creative and research-based occupations. Having access to two monitors assists many employees in completing their daily tasks faster and with less energy. Tasks like creating images or banners and writing reports that are made from various sources of information are just a couple of examples. If your job requires a large amount of research, just having a larger screen makes the entire process run smoother. Additionally, implementing an extra monitor or equipment part can be done for affordable rates with most IT suppliers.  Another major bonus is not having to deal with split screens! With two full screens, everything is at your fingertips – you can edit documents, videos, or even proposals as fast as your fingers can type.


While it may seem like a simple idea, adding an extra monitor to your set up is guaranteed to boost your productivity. No matter if you work from an office or even from home, this addition will make your desktop feel less cluttered and more organized, which in turn makes you feel more relaxed and able to tackle your day with a clear head and less pressure.